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“Girlfans is not what you’d expect from a football zine. The digital mini turns the lens on an often overlooked part of the fanbase – women. The result is a self-published photobook celebrating the style and spirit of female football supporters.”

Newspaper Club – May, 2015

“Nothing like this had been done so authentically for women in print before. It offers proof that female fans are just as passionate about their club as male fans, and arguably better dressed. The zine also draws upon football’s rich history of fan-made publications and the extra special, collectable sentiment of print in our digital age.”

Felicia Pennant, Season Zine – May, 2016

“…some of my new favourite work on female fans – detailed, nuanced and innovative.”

Jean Williams, Professor of Sport, Wolverhampton University – November, 2016

“…the results are stunning…passionate, evocative fanzines depicting what makes a woman football supporter in the modern age.”

Peter Guy, Liverpool Echo – February, 2017

“…Or there was the French fan, dressed like a soccer-black panther in a zipped-up black leather biker jacket with, yes, a black beret, and big dark shades. Splashes of red and a ‘Don’t Buy the Sun’ badge at her heart bring us back to Merseyside and LFC’s own history of struggle.”

Francesca Middleton, Nerve Magazine – March 2017

An important observation is that the now ubiquitous ‘tailored for women’ merchandise fails to be seen among the Girlfans. None of this shrunk down, v-necked, Swarovski-crystalled, chihuahua crap that football merchandisers think women would prefer to wear. McAssey comments that she isn’t dead set against the cliché merchandise, but that sponsors have to recognise that this is a game for two sexes that don’t require differentiation.

Georgina Schwarz, Bido Lito – March 2017

To me the the most surprising (page) is one of the most mundane, in a really good way, is Girlfans…the football Girlfans. There was something kind of surprising in it.’

Bay Garnett, Fanpages – 2017